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Chancellor Angela Merkel in scientific discussions about antibiotics

Visiting the Sanofi-Fraunhofer-Center of Excellence for Natural Products Research, part of the LOEWE ZIB

 Reports on antibiotics resistances, in medicin as well as in agriculture, can continously be found in the media - antibiotics are our last line of defencce against many infectious diseases. For keeping this line of defence we desire new antibiotic compounds. At the Natural Product Center of Excellence within the LOEWE ZIB scientists are searching for natural chemical and biological substances to optimise these in fending off infectious diseases, especially in fighting gram-negative bacteria. The German Chancellor did catch up on these aspects also with Prof. Dr. Andreas Vicinskas, head of the LOEWE ZIB, as this is also on the agenda of the upcoming G7 meeting. Angela Merkel recognized the collaboration between SANOFI and the Fraunhofer IME as an interesting connection between academia and an industrial partner who is also supplying such products in the portfolio. Furthermore she appreciated this collaboration as a path-breaking approach to keep innovation within Europ, i.e. in Germany in the present case.

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