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Seminar announcement 19th March 2014

Prof. Dr. Ernst Wimmer

Beetle stink glands as source for novel enzymes

To better understand the controlled production of semiochemicals and defensive compounds in beetles we identify genes involved in the synthesis of highly reactive and harmful chemicals of the stink glands – such as the quinones. RNA interference against the identified genes allows us to analyze the morphological and biochemical phenotypes of the stink glands and their contents. This will lead to a comprehensive picture of how the production of semiochemicals and defensive compounds is spatially organized and how this organization avoids self-intoxication of the animal. In addition, we identify novel enzymatic pathways to produce terminal olefins that represent unique biological products with direct application in the production of biofuels or other industrial chemicals such as plasticizers or biodegradable surfactants.

Prof. Dr. Ernst Wimmer is head for Developmental Biology at the Georg-August-University of Göttingen

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