LOEWE Zentrum für
& Bioressourcen

LOEWE Zentrum Insektenbiotechnologie bewilligt

Kansas State University gratuliert

Die Kansas State Univesity gratuliert ihrem Privatdozenten Prof. Dr. Peter Czermak zur Bewilligung des LOEWE-Zentrums für Insektenbiotechnologie:

"Dr. Peter Czermak (Professor, University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen (THM), Professor (H.C.) Justus Liebig University (JLU), both in Giessen, Germany, and Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Kansas State University) has been selected as one of the two co-Coordinators of the new LOEWE Center for Insect-Biotechnology that is led by Dr. Andreas Vilcinskas, Professor at JLU (http://www.thm.de/site/aus-lehre-und-forschung/2323-loewe-zentrum-insektenbiotechnologie.html). K State established its first reciprocal study abroad agreement with JLU in the 1960’s. The Center’s initial three-year funding package is 17.7 Million Euro (about $23 Million) with an additional 30 Million Euro (about $40.7 Million) for the construction of a new building on JLU’s Campus in Giessen contributed by the Federal and State governments. The new Center is a collaboration between JLU, THM, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology (http://www.ime.fraunhofer.de/en/about_us.html) represented by Prof. Dr. Rainer Fischer .

Dr. Czermak has been teaching an advanced undergraduate/graduate course “Engineering Aspects of Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering” on a semi-annual basis at K State for a number of years. Eight of Dr. Czermak’s graduate students have completed research for their M.S. theses with Dr. Peter Pfromm in the Department of Chemical Engineering at K State.

Pfromm and Czermak have co-advised two K State PhD graduates in Chemical Engineering (Dr.’s Brix and Michalsky), with another Chemical Engineering PhD Candidate, Sebastian Wendel, currently under way (Advisor Dr. Stefan Bossmann, K State Department of Chemistry). All students came from Dr. Czermak’s research group in Germany.

Dr. Czermak’s new role in creating a major research institute in a cutting-edge area of biotechnology will offer additional opportunities for research and teaching collaboration with K State’s strong programs in entomology, chemistry, and chemical engineering."